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Beverly Hills - Saisons 1 à 4 (Coffret 30 DVD)

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Beverly Hills, Californie : un groupe de lycéens doit jongler entre amitié, amour, crises et drames, avant d'accéder à l'université puis d'entrer dans la vie adulte.


1.01 Class of Beverly Hills
1.02 The Green Room
1.03 Every Dream Has Its Price
1.04 The First Time
1.05 One on One
1.06 Higher Education
1.07 Perfect Mom
1.08 The 17-Year Itch
1.09 The Gentle Art of Listening
1.10 Isn't It Romantic ?
1.11 B.Y.O.B.
1.12 One Man and a Baby
1.13 Slumber Party
1.14 East Side Story
1.15 A Fling in Palm Springs
1.16 Fame Is Where You Find It
1.17 Stand (Up) and Deliver
1.18 It's Only a Test
1.19 April Is the Cruelest Month
1.20 Spring Training
1.21 Spring Dance
1.22 Home Again
2.01 Beach Blanket Brandon
2.02 The Party Fish
2.03 Summer Storm
2.04 Anaconda
2.05 Play It Again, David
2.06 Pass/Not Pass
2.07 Camping Trip
2.08 Wildfire
2.09 Ashes to Ashes
2.10 Necessity Is a Mother
2.11 Leading From the Heart
2.12 Down and Out of District in Beverly Hills
2.13 Halloween
2.14 The Next 50 Years
2.15 U4EA
2.16 My Desperate Valentine
2.17 Chuckie's Back
2.18 A Walsh Family Christmas
2.19 Fire and Ice
2.20 A Competitive Edge
2.21 Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout It
2.22 Baby Makes Five
2.23 Cardio Funk
2.24 The Pit and The Pendulum
2.25 Meeting Mr. Pony
2.26 Things to Do on a Rainy Day
2.27 Mexican Standoff
2.28 Wedding Bell Blues
3.01 Misery Loves Company
3.02 The Twins, The Trustee, and The Very Big Trip
3.03 Too Little, Too Late
3.04 Sex, Lies and Volleyball
3.05 Shooting Star
3.06 Castles in the Sand
3.07 A Song of Myself
3.08 The Back Story
3.09 Highwire
3.10 Home and Away
3.11 A Presumption of Innocence
3.12 Destiny Rides Again
3.13 Rebel With a Cause
3.14 Wild Horses
3.15 The Kindness of Strangers
3.16 It's a Totally Happening Life
3.17 The Game Is Chicken
3.18 Midlife... Now What ?
3.19 Back in the High Life Again
3.20 Parental Guidance Recommended
3.21 Dead End
3.22 The Child Is Father to the Man
3.23 Duke's Bad Boy
3.24 Perfectly Perfect
3.25 Senior Poll
3.26 She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
3.27 A Night to Remember
3.28 Something in the Air
3.29 Commencement - Part 1
3.30 Commencement - Part 2
4.01 So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye
4.02 The Girl From New York City
4.03 The Little Fish
4.04 Greek to Me
4.05 Radio Daze
4.06 Strangers in the Night
4.07 Moving Targets
4.08 Twenty Years Ago Today
4.09 Otherwise Engaged
4.10 And Did It... My Way
4.11 Take Back the Night
4.12 Radar Love
4.13 Emily
4.14 Windstruck
4.15 Somewhere in the World It's Christmas
4.16 Crunch Time
4.17 Thicker Than Water
4.18 Heartbreaker
4.19 The Labors of Love
4.20 Scared Very Straight
4.21 Addicted to Love
4.22 Change Partners
4.23 A Pig Is a Boy Is a Dog
4.24 Cuffs and Links
4.25 The Time Has Come Today
4.26 Blind Spot
4.27 Divas
4.28 Acting Out
4.29 Truth and Consequences
4.30 Vital Signs
4.31 Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington - Part 1
4.32 Mr. Walsh Goes to Washington - Part 2

Informations complÉmentaires

Contient :
- "Beverly Hills - Saison 1"
- "Beverly Hills - Saison 2"
- "Beverly Hills - Saison 3"
- "Beverly Hills - Saison 4"

Informations techniques et Éditoriales

Mise en scène
Scénario Darren Star, Charles Rosin, Amy Spies, Steve Wasserman, Jessica Klein, John Eisendrath
Compositeur Jay Gruska, John E. Davis, Martin Davich, Gary S. Scott
Artistes musicaux
Chef d'orchestre
Directeur photo
Chef décorateur
Effets visuels
Maquillages spéciaux
Directeur animation
Design personnages
Studio FX
Pays Etats-Unis
Titre original Beverly Hills, 90210
Titre français Beverly Hills - Saisons 1 à 4
Année de production 1990
Année de début 1991
Année de fin 1994
Sortie cinéma
Sortie vidéo 05/10/2023
Editeur ESC Distribution / Paramount
Code-barres 3701432012735
Type d'édition Coffret 30 DVD
Nombre de disques 30 DVD
Zone 2
Format vidéo 4/3, 1.33
Format audio Dolby Digital 2.0
Format du support DVD-9
Langues anglais, français
Sous-titres anglais, français
Sourds et malentendants

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