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Intégrale des musiques & chansons traditionnelles irlandaises


CD 1 :
1. The house in the glen. the bohola jig. josie mcdermott's. free and easy
2. The king's shilling
3. Before the storm. the black rogue. the lass of ballintra. the (other) high reel
4. Mcnally's row of flats
5. The green hills of tyrol. the fermoy lassies. the pinch of snuff
6. Jim o'keefe's. the clog. the star above the garter. the hare in the corn
7. June apple
8. The flower of kilkenny
9. Planxty miss maxwell
10. Lark in the morning. cannabhan ban. humours of ballyloughlin
11. Fair london town
12. Kitty o'neill's champion jig
13. The trip to parliament. the torn jacket
14. The chandelier/paddy fahey's #25. paddy fahey's
15. The leaving of liverpool
CD 2 :
1. The groves of doneghmore
2. Mo choill
3. Fogsail an dorus. nighean bhuaidh' ruadh
4. Roisin dubh (the small black rose)
5. Siuil a run
6. The maid that sold her barley
7. There was a lady
8. Slan le maigh
9. The jug of punch
10. Am buachaille ban
11. Green grow the rushes oh
12. Casadh cam na feadarnaighe
13. Mollai na gcuach ni chuilleanain
CD 3 :
1. A daisy in december
2. Ceol na nollag
3. Grimstock
4. Miss gordon of gight
5. The sound of taransay
6. Lorraine's waltz
7. Glenglass
8. Marcus hernon's air
9. An raibh tu ag an gcarraig
10. Pockets of gold
11. Leaving lochinver
12. The banks of suir. mama's pet
CD 4 :
1. Maudabawn chapel. the wild irishman. the moher reel
2. Fahy's #25. molly on the shore. bonnie anne
3. The stone in the field. the steeplechase. the culfodda reel
4. Dillon's fancy. maids in the meadow. toss the feathers
5. Paddy fahy's jig. sean ryan's jig
6. Robbie hannan's jigs
7. Johnny doherty's. sean sa cheo. lady gordon
8. The congress reel. down the broom. the star of munster
9. Humours of ballyloughlin. knocknagow
10. The green fields of woodford. the cat's rambles
11. The humors of bandon. farewell to old decency. ormond sound
12. Cul aodh jig. the blue angel
13. Dunmore lassies. mcfadden's handsome daughter
14. Scully casey's. the tidy woman
CD 5 :
1. The four courts. katie's fancy
2. William taylor
3. The cameronian set
4. Brian boru's march. sporting paddy. the traveler
5. Loftus jones
6. An cailin gaelach
7. Seanbhean bhocht. sweeney's
8. Cuach mo lonndubh bui. the three sea captains
9. The sword in the hand. the providence reel. the old bush
10. There were roses
11. Blind mary
12. Yellow tinker. lady montgomery. the merry harriers
CD 6 :
1. Fmeur de mandragore
2. A costa galicia
3. Arthur mcbride and the sergeant
4. O'rourke's
5. The big man
6. Another train
7. Mazurka and jigs
8. Malfunction junction
9. There's the day
10. Lady ann montgomery's reel
11. Loving hannah
12. The one that was lost
13. Rolling waves
14. I wish
CD 7 :
1. Tae the weaver's gin ye go (traditional music of scotland)
2. The carl's o' dysart (traditional music of scotland)
3. The log splitter set (traditional music of scotland)
4. Ian ghlinn' cuaich (traditional music of scotland)
5. Ballavanich (traditional music of scotland)
6. A wild rumpus (traditional music of scotland)
7. Jim's jig. the snuff white. eileen macdonald (traditional music of scotland)
8. Archibald mcdonald of keppoch (traditional music of scotland)
9. Are ye sleeping maggie? the noose and the ghillie (traditional music of scotl...
10. The hut on staffin island. sand macleod of garafad. the soft horse (tradition...
11. Puirt a beul. snug in a blanket (traditional music of scotland)
12. Land o' the leal (traditional music of scotland)
CD 8 :
1. The good drying set: good drying. the macfarlanes. the whistlebinkies reel
2. Larry redican's hornpipe. the green banner
3. Onward blindly onward
4. Battle of waterloo
5. Sean reid's. toss the feathers
6. Grimstock
7. Clueless: clueless. fleshmarket close. the steampacket
8. Brian o'lynn. the woods of old limerick
9. The rainy day. the merry blacksmith. the silver spear
10. The bells of tipperary. miss galvin's
11. Colonel fraser
12. Kintail (theid mi dhachaidh chro chinn t-saile)
CD 9 :
1. La belle catherine. le step a ti phonse. reel a toto
2. Leaving brittany
3. Stan chapman's jig
4. Ar bonomig. dans fisle
5. Maison de glace. le printemps
6. Itzikel
7. Reel a tido. la rachoudine
8. Promenade. sonny'a mazurka
9. Lord galway's lamentation. planxty whitbread
10. A march. al letanant schmitt o kimiadin ar 5ved kompagnunez
11. O'carolan's concerto. loftus jones
12. An droiou
CD 10 :
1. Fair weather
2. City chickens
3. Handsome molly
4. Dixie hoedown
5. Good day, there it goes
6. Big man from syracuse
7. Every day i write the book
8. Late on arrival
9. Rainmaker
10. Coal burnin' grease fire
11. Freedom ride
12. Zenergy


Label Membran
Editeur Uvm distribution
Distributeur Uvm distribution
Type édition Coffret réédition
Nombre de CD 10 CD audio + 1 CD-ROM
Durée 08:38
Code-barres 0885150338308
Date sortie 23/04/2021
Matériel d'accompagnement
Site officiel Altan / http://www.capercaillie.co.ukCherish The Ladies / http://www.lunasa.ieOld Blind Dogs
poids 1200g


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